The admission process shouldn’t be harder than providing resident care. Care is the number one priority for your organization, but intake processes are often burdensome, creating distractions and cost-draining resident onboarding headaches. From reimbursement, to compliance, to regulation issues, your paper process may be costing you money, frustrating your residents and putting your organization at risk.

Admit+ is the first digital admissions software with ADDS - analytics, decisioning, documents, and signatures - which simplifies and automates data gathering using an online form. Necessary documents and forms are tailored to the organization and resident. Staff are empowered to make better, smarter decisions.​

​Admit+ streamlines the admissions process in skilled nursing facilities and senior living centers into a simple, easy to follow digital process. Its smart, automated forms tool offers a number of ways to put the resident first and protect your organization against fines, errors, and omissions. With its guided system, it’s impossible for users to forget to fill out a form or sign a document, protecting the organization against compliance issues and audits. With its “sign all” functions, residents can sign only once and the signature will populate on every form.

Ease the transition for residents while protecting your business. Admissions, compliance, and resident satisfaction are made easy with Admit +.

​Focus on resident care, not on chasing paperwork.


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