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What We Do

At Wireless NurseCall Systems (WNS) we produce the most reliable, economical, and mobility-oriented emergency call systems on the market. With direct control over design, manufacturing, and installations we have no need for dealers/distributors. In doing so we have eliminated high overheads that plague the majority of companies in the industry. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to emergency call, wander control, access control and fall detection.

How We Do It

Our top priority is the safety and security of your residents. We accomplish this by designing intuitive systems with built in redundancy. This kind of attention to detail has provided one of the most reliable systems.
Pertaining to products and services, we have a distinct advantage over our competition. Our wireless components are proprietary, everything is designed and tested in house. We do NOT use generic (Inovonics), pre-assembled wireless products and then rebrand them.

Where We Are

With extensive industry experience and emergency call systems installed in 46 States & Canada, we know what it takes to provide and support the most reliable e-call systems. Our certified technicians install all systems and are available 24/7 for support.


The FindME system module utilizes revolutionary receiver and pendant technology to precisely locate resident alarms. The Non-GPS system can hone in on an alarm signal and determine the location accurate within 10 meters in a multistory facility. Instead of providing a likely area where a pendant alarm came from, the FindME system will give
you floor by floor precision location data.


The MAP or Mini Annunciator Panel is a revolutionary new platform using large budget technology in a small economic package. The MAP is a simple LCD touch screen panel utilizing a wireless receiver, the device can receive transmissions from any WNS wireless transmitters. Emergency call devices (pendants, pull cords, etc), wander prevention devices, door control systems, and fall detection devices can all be interfaced with the MAP system. To increase the mobility of the system a paging transmitter can also be integrated to ensure staff receive emergency calls regardless of their location in the community.

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