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LeadershipINSIGHT is Right for Your Organization.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” John F. Kennedy. This is true of great leaders too as a high performing leader lifts the performance of all of those around them. Make your next leadership hire a “rising tide” in your organization with LeadershipINSIGHT from Insight Worldwide.

The Instrument for Success

LeadershipINSIGHT is a hiring system that delivers a consistent, exacting approach to leader selection. This system provides the tools, processes and instruction to elevate your organizational approach in leadership hiring and development. Our system is a structured, validated and highly predictive method for identifying, selecting and developing leaders for your organization.

If your goal is to hire leaders and develop them to their full potential, or develop leaders within your organization, you need to know more about each candidate’s leadership potential and their areas in need of improvement.
The Assessment portion of LeadershipINSIGHT provides valuable insights into the leadership attributes, which exemplify an excellent leader, for each of your candidates.

As defined by Insight Worldwide’s team of Ph.Ds., those most critical attributes of leadership are:
Fostering a Team Environment - Promoting a Resident Focus - Adaptability
Maximizing Performance Results - Building Trust and Accountability

The Structured Interview procedure complements and enhances the assessment outcomes. A structured interview is the most valid, legally defensible and effective way to predict job performance for high level positions. Within the structured interview procedure is a consensus building tool to ensure a collaborative evaluation and scoring for each candidate. The combination of a behavioral attributes assessment, structured interview, and consensus driven evaluation and scoring delivers a highly predictive, consistent evaluation of leadership potential.

The Scoring is enlightening, exacting, and balanced. The scores for each of the critical leadership attributes are aggregated to deliver an overall leadership potential score on a 1 to 100 scale. This allows for an exacting and balanced comparison of candidates and a selection instrument to drive the best, most informed, unbiased decision. Detailed scoring for each leadership attribute is utilized in identifying areas in need of improvement.

The Development Plan provides an individualized roadmap to improvement and success for each new and future leader. Administered by their immediate supervisor, the individualized development plans help you build leadership excellence throughout your organization.

LeadershipINSIGHT is Right for Your Organization - Right Now.