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HydroWorx, a premier manufacturer of aquatic rehabilitation and wellness products, helps create a nurturing environment for aging adults with the best warm water pool technologies, allowing residents to remain active and independent, while providing you with an innovative benefit that distinguishes your community. Our pools – the HydroWorx 3500, 2000, 1200, 750, 500, 300, 350, ThermalPlunge and PolarPlunge – offer innovative and unique features like adjustable floor, underwater treadmill, resistance jets and massage capabilities, all perfect for the aging population.

HydroWorx develops and manufactures aquatic therapy pools near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The employee-owned business consists of passionate people committed to innovating and servicing products that improve the lives of everyone from aging adults to elite athletes throughout the world.

At HydroWorx, we are committed to more than just making the finest aquatic therapy equipment on the planet. We realize that over 30,000 people use our products every day in 50 states and many countries – and we take that responsibility seriously by offering various services to ensure the success of your aquatic therapy program.

Our purpose is to use water to heal and physically condition the world.