Clinical Resources, headquartered in Atlanta, a healthcare staffing, recruitment and professional services firm, was launched in early 2007 by successful healthcare executives. The core management team brings passion and professionalism to the company and as such, dramatically increased company exposure and growth, year after year.

Clinical Resources differentiates from other firms by identifying the most talented healthcare professionals nationwide. We operate from a philosophy of a professional healthcare company rather than a registry or staffing agency.

We know that sourcing qualified Registered Nurses and other healthcare personnel with today's critical shortages is a major challenge facing all healthcare providers. At Clinical Resources, we assist in minimizing this challenge by seeking out and matching skilled healthcare personnel to our client facilities and have proven the ability to "Bridge the Gap for Healthcare", in respect to human resources.

Clinical Resources understands the market and knows what it takes to attract and retain the best healthcare professionals to serve our clients.

Our vision is unique
Our passion is genuine
Our experience sets us apart
We work with a diverse group of clients nationwide and we maintain loyal customers through a commitment to provide the best services available-without exception. We focus on what is most important:

Efficient processes
Rapid response
Excellent customer experiences
Easy to access quality services
Competitive pricing
This has allowed us to establish a base of customers who repeatedly refer their friends and associates to Clinical Resources.

We continue to expand our customer base among health payers, pharmaceutical companies and health information technology companies, providing valuable healthcare personnel resources to serve their needs.

Currently, Clinical Resources has the capacity to serve clients in all 50 states and Canada.