At Infinity Rehab, we provide clinically intensive, comprehensive, physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to over 225 sub-acute, long-term care and campus environments in 11 states. It's all we do: we believe it's a specialization that takes special people to deliver. You too, can count on us to:

•Provide clinical, evidence based treatment,focusing on patient needs
•Practice with integrity
•Care for our therapists and staff both professionally and personally
•Serve as a leader in rehab education in subacute and long-term care

The strength of our market presence in the Northwest, Mountain and Mid-West regions of the United States continues to grow. It's good news that this approach delivers terrific clinical outcomes and high patient and family satisfaction. It's more good news that we can practice this model and return predictable financial results for the facilities we serve.

With our purchase of Therapy Solutions in 2007, we can offer more job opportunities for our therapists, plus provide a continuous pool of high-quality talent for our customers.

Let us deliver sub-acute care rehab for you, too. Contact us today!