We are defined by the people that form our organization, those empowered daily with the opportunity to restore and change the lives of those entrusted to our care. We embrace the philosophy and tools with which our valued teams rely upon to perform their chosen occupation - applying therapeutic intervention to achieve maximum potential in caring for our generation.

Senior Rehab Solutions is a leading Rehab Management Company that offers our services nationwide. We pride ourselves on a reputation for delivering the highest quality care within a supporting, caring environment. Our company's philosophy stresses the importance of partnering excellence in rehabilitative treatments with the utmost in customer service.

Our rehab departments have a reputation for quality, and our plan is to preserve and sustain that integrity while adding premier acquisitions to our portfolio.

Within each of our facilities, a full team of experienced therapy professionals is on staff to provide a customized, specific program.

We stand by the following values that are ingrained and demonstrated in how we function within our work environment daily:

SRS Values

The highest standards of patient-centered care and ethical conduct.

Genuine respect and care for all members of the SRS community.

Expanding knowledge and setting ourselves apart to reach new horizons.

Focusing on health, safety, and wellbeing of our patients, clients, and team members.

Partnering and sharing to achieve the best outcomes.