Select Rehabilitation, an Industry Leader:

We are Select Rehabilitation, the leader of rehabilitation professionals. Employing more than 13,000 therapists in over 650 locations in 34 states, our company has become one of the nation's premier leaders in contract rehabilitation services. We provide comprehensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy services with qualified licensed professionals in a variety of geriatric clinical settings. Our therapeutic programs emphasize patient-focused, outcomes-driven care that allows patients to achieve and maintain their highest quality of life.

Select Nationally Recognized Clinical and Financial Outcomes:

At Select Rehabilitation, our mission is simple, but direct: to provide the best clinical care to the residents we serve while mastering the regulatory and reimbursement systems within which we operate. To achieve this, our regional management teams provide unparalleled daily oversight and support to each client site we service. Our intense focus ensures that no stone is left unturned, no RUG level is missed, no long-term care resident's therapy needs go unmet, and ensures each Select Rehabilitation team maximizes clinical and financial outcomes. Our efforts have earned us an outstanding reputation of providing superior customer service to our clients through dedicated and reliable partnerships.

Achieving PDPM Success with Select Rehabilitation:
PDPM Success with Select Rehabilitation is achieved with our Automated Optical Scanning Software to assist with accurate MDS completion, Facility training by our MDS/RAI Nurse Specialist and Education Director and Select Connect: A Portal where the patient’s family can view therapy progress.