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Masterpiece Living®, a Culture of Successful Aging

Successful seniors…successful communities. Everyone can agree with this philosophy, but what makes for a successful aging older adult? We at Masterpiece Living are committed to older adults aging successfully and being a vibrant part of their community.

A community’s role in facilitating successful aging has become more and more important in keeping residents active not only in the community but in their own lives. Each community must strive to ensure that older adults can flourish by continuing to grow. Such a culture encourages and expects a lifestyle of mental and physical vitality, strong social connections and meaning and purpose…precisely the lifestyle characteristics observed by the MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging to result in successful aging.

By partnering with Masterpiece Living, your community can provide such a culture. Our evidence-based initiative empowers your residents, young and older, with the knowledge of what’s possible while providing the time-tested tools and resources to positively impact lifestyles. This approach is a direct application of the MacArthur research, guided by one of the study’s lead investigators. We use these tools and resources to empower residents with the knowledge of what is possible and by providing these time-tested tools we help them make informed alterations in lifestyle.

Masterpiece Living is the MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging brought to life…offering trademarked tools and techniques that expertly measure and inspire a successful aging community culture. It is more than a wellness program; more than a lifestyle; it’s a healthy approach to successful living. The end result is a vibrant resident population that has demonstrated lower risks for decline and are consequently more engaged and satisfied.

“Masterpiece Living is the means by which a community becomes a place for older adults to not only be well, but to age successfully. The results of Masterpiece Living are in marked contrast to national data that show rapid declines. Masterpiece Living is a successful program.” Robert Kahn, Ph.D., Co-author, Successful Aging and lead investigator of the MacArthur Study on Aging.

Masterpiece Living partners with communities to maximize the unique human potential of older adults. We do this by providing exclusive tools necessary to build environments that nourish and stimulate the lifestyles shown by research to result in successful aging. We believe and have proven, that older adults empowered by such environments will continue to grow physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.