SEI is one of the top OCIOs to nonprofit organizations, including life plan communities, giving us the experience and resources to recognize your capital spending requirements. We are committed to clearly understanding the business objectives, challenges and constraints of continuing care communities.

We help life plan communities provide the most rewarding living experience for active and engaged seniors by striving to prudently maintain your cash flow and investment resources. We partner with you to support your business success by:
1. Taking a holistic and analytical look at all of your portfolios, so we have a clear understanding of your business objectives
2. Providing access to our institutional-class, third-party money managers for economies of scale and the potential for better pricing
3. Sharing our established risk and investment processes, experience and resources for proactive ideas

Our process is holistic (not asset-centric) for a reason -- it's designed to help you make more informed decisions about asset allocation strategies. And by doing this within an acceptable level of risk that we work with you to determine, you're able to work towards putting capital back into your business with confidence. You'll continue to keep your campuses looking great and offer the best amenities to your residents.

We're not new at this -- we have a growing client base of life plan communities. And our experts can share success stories of how we've partnered with continuing care communities like yours to better manage the overall portfolio to better meet business goals.