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The aging services continuum has become increasingly complex and competitive, and so has identifying and attracting exceptional executive talent. Now more than ever, Deffet Group’s expertise and knowledge of the marketplace is a powerful advantage to our clients. Located near Columbus, Ohio, for over 25 years we have helped health and human services providers nationwide identify and retain leaders with the best mix of skills, experience, vision and character to fulfill their missions. We view ourselves as executive search professionals with healthcare expertise and we value the collaborative relationships that we establish with our clients.

There are no shortcuts to a successful search. This we understand. That is why we are diligent about all phases of the search process, from initial consultation through executive onboarding. When you work with our firm, you are retaining our intuition, skills, values, and integrity. Our comprehensive, value added insight to the search process culminates in what our clients have repeatedly told us they feel is a better made leadership decision.

As executive search consultants, we view our role as an extension of our client organizations. Your goals - like providing high-quality, cost-conscious senior health care services to your constituents, improving quality of life through culture change initiatives, and retaining quality leadership to fulfill your mission - require commitment to a core of ethical principles, highly specialized knowledge and broad experience. High-quality for- and not-for-profit organizations like yours have relied on Deffet Group for over 25 years to successfully identify and recruit leaders that share this unique vision, because we invest the time to fully understand your definition of great leadership.

Our representation may be the only awareness an individual has ever had of your organization. We present the highest ethics and professionalism on your behalf. By representing you properly, we become a very valuable indirect marketing tool.

Our methodology in conducting an assignment is based upon techniques and procedures that have been tested over time, and our comprehensive database affords us connections to today’s outstanding leaders that other search firms cannot duplicate. This alone isn’t what makes us good—what makes us good is our commitment to professionalism and service.

For us, executive search is about much more than filling a position—it’s about bringing outstanding leadership to your organization. If an executive recruiter tells you those things come with the firm, think again. Those things come with the people.